Uses of Class

Packages that use LayoutTurntable

Uses of LayoutTurntable in jmri.jmrit.display.layoutEditor

Fields in jmri.jmrit.display.layoutEditor with type parameters of type LayoutTurntable
 ArrayList<LayoutTurntable> LayoutEditor.turntableList

Methods in jmri.jmrit.display.layoutEditor that return LayoutTurntable
 LayoutTurntable LayoutEditor.findLayoutTurntableByName(String name)
          Deprecated. As of 3.9.2, ... use getFinder().find...
 LayoutTurntable LayoutEditorFindItems.findLayoutTurntableByName(String name)

Methods in jmri.jmrit.display.layoutEditor with parameters of type LayoutTurntable
protected  void LayoutTurntable.editTurntable(LayoutTurntable x)
          Edit a Turntable
protected  boolean LayoutEditor.removeTurntable(LayoutTurntable o)
          Remove a Layout Turntable

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