JMRI contains tools to help in the automation of USS CTC Panels. These can be used for either screen-based Panels, or to drive a physical panel with real levers and lights.

Slaves an output Turnout device to follow the state of an input Sensor device. This could, for example, make a layout turnout follow a fascia switch connected to a Sensor.
OS Indicator
Drives the occupancy indicator lamps on the Panel. This takes input from a Sensor to show the track section is occupied, and also optionally can light the indicator if the section has been unlocked.
Turnout Lever
Controls a Turnout from a lever on the Panel, along with the two indicator lights (not yet released)
Signal Lever
Controls a set of Signals from a lever on the Panel, along with the three indicator lights (not yet released)
Code Button
Implements the Code button and Code lamp (not yet released)