Configure Digitrax DS64

DS64 panel image

The JMRI DS64 programming tool lets you configure the internal options of a Digitrax DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder directly from your computer running JMRI.

To open this tool select "Configure DS64" from the Loconet menu.

Enter the DS64 Board ID in the text field and click "Read from DS64". The tool will read back the current state of the various options, and set the check boxes to correspond to their current values.

You can then, if you wish, change the checkboxes and click "Write to DS64" to make your changes permanent.


Because of the way the DS64 board works, this tool can't change the basic address of the unit.

At present, DS64 routes cannot be programmed by this tool. It's possible, but nobody has written the code for it yet because JMRI routes are more powerful and easier to use.